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The Glorax Group President Andrey Birzhin Has Given an Interview to the Rosbalt Information Agency

The Glorax Group President Andrey Birzhin’s interview to the Rosbalt Information Agency, July 26, Original publication link

Andrey Birzhin, a businessman and founder of the Glorax Group of companies is truly an entrepreneur of the new generation. He keeps on looking for new ways of development, relies on his close‑knit team and invests in a project only if he can improve its end product.

Andrey Birzhin was born in 1981 in the town of Shuya, Ivanovo Region. His childhood and early years he spent in the town of Hotkovo, the Moscow Region. In 2002 he has graduated from the Moscow State University, the Economics and Management Department. Later he managed to combine his master course with first business projects in construction, renovation of offices and residential spaces.

According to his fellow-students even then Andrey Birzhin showed attributes of a future leader, he was never afraid of assuming responsibilities and making independent decisions. ‘He was able to see a goal and, what is most important, to never give up on it’, says one of his course mates. In 2009 he has founded the Tekta Group company which very fast made it to the leading positions among the Moscow Region’s developers. In 2010 Birzhin has acquired the Electroizolit factory and in 2012 the Mosavtodor and Partners company. Later these have become parts of the Glorax Group’s structure.  

The Glorax Group — Beginning

In 2013 Andrey Birzhin has sold his share in the Tekta Group and founded the direct investment fund Glorax Capital, followed by the Glorax Group — the group of companies with interests in various spheres: real estate construction, IT, power generation projects, infrastructure projects in the road construction sector, sports and social facilities as well as HoReCa.

‘My intention was to build a company that would change the routine approach on the investment market. For me it was important not only to fund projects and generate profits but also to develop those projects, improve my business and offer consumers interesting and sophisticated products, new sought‑after services. I am confident that we have accomplished this task and are keeping on our path.  We never forget about such aspects as the business’ social responsibility, investments into infrastructure, innovative technologies’, says Andrey Birzhin.

Today the Glorax Group encompasses the following businesses: Glorax Development — the company involved in multiple format development; Electroizolit factory — the largest multiproduct manufacturer in the electroinsulation sector, competitive on the international market of electroinsulation materials; Olympus fitness centre — a large sports complex in the Moscow Region; several companies involved in full-cycle road construction; Glorax Life – a direction which purpose is to promote healthy lifestyle and to render support to professional athletes.  

Glorax Development — Good Chance of Winning

Development is the top-priority and most dynamic business dimension of the Group. The company specializes in residential and commercial development as well as in construction of social infrastructure facilities. In the Glorax Development’s projects portfolio there are over two million sq. m of spaces; seven residential complexes in Saint Petersburg and Moscow are in the active stage of construction. The Company’s projects have been distinguished with the Urban Awards-2017 и and the Real Estate Market Records award.

The Company’s trend data have left its competitors far behind: there is no other developer in Saint Petersburg who would have their construction volumes grow more than 15 times within one year — from 29,927 to 478,300 sq.m in the active stage of construction. Now the Glorax Development is one of the Top-5 developers in the ‘Northern Capital in terms of residential development volumes and it has no intention to rest on its laurels.

The Olympus fitness centre — Being Healthy is an Advantage

The sports complex in Hotkovo, the Moscow Regions, recreated from scratch, with the total area of 8.5 ha and 5,000 sq. m of spaces includes football fields, an ice hockey rink and a four‑season skating rink, two swimming pools —sports and children’s, gyms and halls for various sports. The complex provides its spaces for adults’ and children’s competitions in various sports, professional and amateur teams’ training and regular attendance by almost 3000 local gym fans. Andrey Birzhin’s efforts have made the Olympus fitness centre one of the most successful sport complexes in the Moscow Region and a base on which an entire business dimension is being built.

‘At the certain time Andrey Birzhin has invested in this project a lot of his money, efforts and time. Thanks to his energy, gumption and – most important – personal involvement in the matters of the town where he has grown up we managed to put everything into shape within the shortest time, opened the complex and put our team together. It is worth a fortune. Today it would not be an exaggeration to say that the Olympus has become a major attracting point for the local people, and we pay special attention to children’s and teenagers’ sports activities as well as to social and charitable projects’, says Director General of the Olympus fitness centre Alexander Trigubchak.

Electroizolit — Pivot to Import Phase-Out

The Electroizolit plant in Birzhin’s group of companies is the largest multiproduct manufacturer in the electrical engineering sector. The plant’s main products are electroinsulation materials and insulation systems. In the opinion of the Commercial Director Alexey Puris the Electroizolit’s present potential suggests for strengthening its positions not only within Russia and the Customs Union as a part of import phase-out strategy but also in terms of exporting its products.  

Glorax Life — a Team Business

In 2016 Andrey Birzhin has decided to unbundle the interests of the Glorax Group related to promotion of healthy lifestyle and evolve them into a new business structure. This is how a whole sports team has been created; now under the Glorax Life colours professional athletes participate in the Russian and international competitions. ‘I believe this direction’s development to be of extreme importance for the entire Group. Within the Glorax Life we strongly support our corporate team and I can see a great positive influence of this factor on the Company’s functioning as a whole. Doing sports teaches our employees how to enjoy team spirit, be resourceful and rely on team fellows – all those skills that are essential in work’, insists Birzhin.

The Andrey Birzhin’s Glorax Group is also involved in investments into HoReCa projects, hi-tech and infrastructure projects. According to the Director General of the Glorax Group Alexander Andrianov such diversity of the company’s interests reflects its leader’s nature: ‘Andrey Birzhin is capable of capturing people with new ideas, of seeing potential in those areas where others lag behind, of keeping on moving no matter what. For us all new directions are always a challenge, we are ever evolving, growing and expanding. This is a right approach; the other ones don’t work in business‘.

‘I am sure that the Glorax Group is a unique phenomenon in the investment business. I am proud that we are able to reach such results within the shortest time and that my team totally shares my values and is seeking to bring the Company to a yet new level. Our goal is consistent development, moving forward, conquering new piques. I am confident that this strategy of being alert and alive is right for creating high-quality and sought-after product’, believes Andrey Birzhin.

By Daria Istomina