Пожалуйста, переверните устройство в портретную ориентацию.

New Glorax Life victories

Last weekend the team of the Glorax Life has gained four new awards. At the powerlifting tournament in memory of Mikhail Dindikov, the participant of the Glorax Life corporate team (a member of Andrey Birzhin Glorax Group) Ekaterina Mamycheva won four medals.

In the deadlifts overall classification, Ekaterina Mamycheva got the first place, in deadlift and bench press – the second, and in the bench press overall classification she won a bronze medal.

For the third year a powerlifting competition in honour of the master of sports Mikhail Dindikov was held in Dmitrov. Refereeing is conducted according to the rules of the international federation WPC (World Powerlifting Congress). The level of participants, who arrive not only from Dmitrov, but also from surrounding area, is growing markedly every year.

Andrei Birzhin congratulated Ekaterina Mamycheva and wished her new victories. The founder of the Glorax Group also stressed that the establishment of the Glorax Life corporate team was the right decision, because the sense of support from colleagues and friends is sometimes no less important than the desire to win. Now most of the company’s employees follow the active lifestyle, and sports do not only have a positive effect on health, but also teach you to achieve your goals, constantly improve and conquer yourself.