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Glorax Life team, created by Andrei Birzhin, celebrates its two-year anniversary

Two years ago the corporate team Glorax Life was created, on the initiative of Andrey Birzhin, bringing together employees who cannot live without sports and achievements. During this short time, the sports team has grown into a large-scale trend promoting the values of a healthy and active lifestyle. Now Glorax Life also includes professional athletes who represent its interests in international competitions.

Under the banner of Glorax Life there is a running team participating in the most significant races of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The composition of the team is constantly expanding due to the newly joined employees who have decided to follow the example of the most active colleagues. Thoroughly elaborated training process, world-class coaches and motivation on the outcome helped the team members to overcome the most difficult running distance – the marathon.

Professional swimmer Andrei Kurnosov, who is part of the Glorax Life team, regularly performs at major competitions in Russia and the international arena. The athlete has several European Champion titles, a new Russian record, Netherlands records and multiple world-class awards.
Children’s and adult football teams, training on the basis of the fitness center “Olimp”, part of Andrei Birzhin’s Glorax Group, perform at the regional and district level, showing high results and confidently winning.

Some employees have experienced the ascent in the professional mountaineering groups on the largest European peaks of Mont Blanc and Elbrus. And the employees of the fitness center “Olimp”, part of the Glorax Group, regularly take part in powerlifting and bodybuilding competitions, taking prizes.

“Sport is a great opportunity to develop inner motivation and willpower, let each employee feel the taste of victory, because there is nothing more valuable than a self-conquest. One of the components of success in any field is perseverance and resilience in achieving results, and it is sport that helps to move forward every day and conquer new, previously inaccessible peaks. I am glad that the initiative to create a sports team found such an active support from the employees of the Glorax Group and has become a significant part of our life. It is gratifying that the basis of the Group’s corporate culture is determined not only by the style of behavior and communication, but by motivation, activity and focus on results,” commented Andrei Birzhin, the founder of the Glorax group.