Пожалуйста, переверните устройство в портретную ориентацию.

FitBase, an innovative solution by Glorax Infotech (part of the Andrei Birzhin’s Glorax Group), was selected to participate in the first stage of the Sber500 startup development acceleration program

The program is enabled by the experience and expertise of Sber – the largest ecosystem in Russia. FitBase is a cloud service that helps to automate fitness clubs and sports studios, and is one of the first startups selected by Glorax Infotech for acceleration funding.

In 2015, the founder of Glorax Group, Andrei Birzhin, announced the launch of Glorax Infotech, a company division focused on development and implementation of its own IT and blockchain projects, as well as on accelerating promising projects and bringing them to the international market. It’s primarily focused on progressive digital services and applications, as well as cloud solutions for consumer innovation and business services.

In 2020, an accelerator for PropTech real estate and development startups was launched as part of this program. Over the year, more than 400 teams participated in the selection process, several pilot projects were launched, and those most successful of them received investment support. In total, RUB 210 million was invested.