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Birzhin, Andrey Alexandrovich

Was born on April 12, 1981 in the town of Shuya, Ivanovo Region, Russia. 

Graduated from the Economics Department, the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Started his career with territories development projects in the Moscow Region. In 2001 – 2009 established Geostroydizain and Zhilstroy companies. Over this period he realized a series of successful projects in the sphere of construction and reconstruction of office buildings, industrial facilities, commercial and residential properties, sports complexes etc.


In 2009 Birzhin has become a Managing Partner at the investment and development company Tekta Group. Over the period of Birzhin’s work in 2010—2011 the Tekta Group has six times increased its investment portfolio.


In 2013 Andrey Birzhin sold 30 % of his shares in the Tekta Group, industry and IT startups.

By the end of the year production output of the Electroizolit plant has substantially grown and expanded onto 39% of the existing market which made it one of the Russian leaders in manufacturing electrical materials.

The year was also significant for establishment of the Glorax Racing team with the purpose of participating in the GT Series races. The team was successful racing Ferrari 458 Italia GT3. Later Andrey Birzhin won a prize in the Blancpain Endurance Series race and was listed in the FIA Official Drivers Categorization List.


October 2014 – Andrey Birzhin announced establishing of the Glorax Group which encompassed all directions: Development, Energy, Infotech, Infrastructure and Racing.

The Glorax Capital’s investments volume in 2014 reached approx. USD one billion; some of its projects were: comprehensive development projects in Saint Petersburg, residential and commercial development projects in Moscow and the Moscow Region, construction of a five-star hotel chain in Turkey, Italy, France and Maldives, developing manufacturing assets etc.

In 2014 the Glorax Development Company was founded which was soon to become one of the leading developers in the North-Western Region.


In March 2015 the Electroizolit plant has launched production of film-clad dielectrics widely used in all the industries, especially in electrical engineering, power engineering, electronics and radio engineering.

Development of the Glorax Hotels was announced, which aim was to expand onto international tourism market. Innovative business concept has been developed.


By late 2016 the Glorax Development has announced the planned 2.5 billion Roubles investments into construction of the ’Olympus’ residential complex in the Sergiev Posad District, the Moscow Region.

The 3.6 hectares area is to be built-up with business-class residential buildings, with total built-up area of 60,000 sq.m. Another development project of the Glorax’s – Golden City –  has won one of the prestigious Urban Awards in the Premier of the Year nomination. This award is meant to distinguish landmark projects that entered the real estate market in 2016 and became popular with potential customers.

The Glorax Development Company has been rated among the Top‑10 most active and stable developers in its region  according to the analytic study by the Commersant Publishing House and the Academy of Real Estate (ARE).

In 2016 Birzhin has founded the Glorax Life department headed by the Director General of the Glorax Group  Alexander Andrianov in order to render all the necessary support to the Glorax Group’s employees’ initiatives as well as to promote healthy lifestyle. The project started gaining momentum – a corporate running team has been formed, its members participated in various marathons in Moscow and the Moscow Region. A group of the Company’s employees has taken part in ascending the Elbrus, the Mont Blanc and other summits. Also, Andrey Birzhin has taken decision to support professional athletes. Andrey Kurnoson, a professional swimmer who regularly wins prizes in various international tournaments has joined the Glorax Life team.


Interest to the  Golden City project continued growing in 2017. The project won one of the Urban Awards-2017 in the nomination Harmonious Integration into Existent Environment. The panel of judges recognized advantages of the business-class residential complex on the water front of the Gulf of Finland and especially its signature design concept developed by the Dutch and Russian architects and designers as well as a unique landscaping project. The Golden City residential complex has been also recognized one of the best according to the PROESTATE Awards within the XI International Real Estate Investment Forum. The Glorax Development’s project has made it to the final in the LIFESTYLE. Best Business-Class Residential Real Estate Project nomination.

In June the Company has informed of the start of construction of the Golden City project in Saint Petersburg. Six blocks of residential and commercial properties with the total area of 450 thousand sq. m will be built on the reclaimed lands on the Vasilievsky Island.  

The Olympus residential complex, one of the projects of the Glorax Development Company, a member of Andrey Birzhin’s Glorax Group has won the Records of Real Estate Market Award. The project was the best in the No. 1 Residential Block in the Moscow Region nomination.

In the autumn 2017 the English Mile residential complex has won a Move Realty Awards in the nomination Comfort-Class Project of the Year in Saint Petersburg.

At the same time the Glorax Development, a member of the Glorax Group has informed of the first completed project in Saint Petersburg. Thу Sherlock House complex is move-in ready.

In October the Glorax Development has announced the major project Ligovsky City in Saint Petersburg. Within the concept of redevelopment of industrial areas of Saint Petersburg the company is developing a whole-new environment on the area of almost 25 hectares   in the Frunzensky District of Saint Petersburg. The Glorax Development is going to invest around 40 billion Roubles in this project. The project of the Glorax Development, a member of Andrey Birzhin’s Glorax Group has  won a prestigious European Property Awards and has become one of the best Russian projects in the Residential Development nomination. The awarding ceremony took place in October 2017 in London.

The year 2017 has become a milestone for the Electroizolit plant that has announced having available capacity for starting fine chemical production and implementation of the import phase-out programme. Later the plant has obtained certificate of the Russian Shipping Register and approval for using the produced resins in shipbuilding. For the Company it means expanding its sales market as well as an opportunity to establish partnership relations with domestic shipbuilding enterprises which traditionally use imported resins in their operations. In addition, in order to meet Russian companies’ demand for  film-clad glass textolite the plant has resumed manufacturing this product. It is a basic material for making printed board assemblies, core elements of any electronic device including computers, mobile phones, control systems, engineering equipment, home appliances and defense machinery.

The Olympus fitness centre, a member of the Glorax Group congratulated its No. 30,000 client. The centre is regularly attended by over 3000 citizen of the Sergiev Posad District; the centre often becomes a venue for various adults’ and children’s sports competitions; amateur and professional sports teams use it as their training base. The Olympus located in Hotkovo is one of the most successful sports complexes in the Moscow Region and a foundation for a whole business dimension for the Glorax Group.


During the Glorax Group’s strategy session that took place in mid-January Andrey Birzhin has noted: ‘We have identified two key strategies on our strategy road map which the Company will chose for assets management – strategy of efficiency and growth. I am confident that the year 2018 will become another milestone in the Company’s implementation of its goals in all operating directions’.

Andrey Birzhin is the winner of the Person of the Year, RREF Awards, (2012). He is listed in the Top List of CEO’s in Construction Sphere by the Managers Association of Russia and the Commersant Publishing House (2012). He has been decorated with the Venerable Sergius of Radonezh Order, II Class (2014). He is an extreme sports enthusiast. Birzhin participated in the extreme expeditions Snow Challenge (Alaska) and  Unstoppable race (Mongolia). He is listed in the FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) Official Drivers’ Categorization List, has won a Blancpain Endurance Series race. He is the founder and mastermind of the Glorax Life sports team which regularly participates in various marathons and other competitions.

Married with two children. Russian Orthodox Christian.