Пожалуйста, переверните устройство в портретную ориентацию.

Andrei Birzhin: Happy Builder’s Day to Construction Sector Specialists!

Andrei Birzhin, the founder of Glorax Group, wishes his colleagues, partners and all those involved in the construction business a happy professional holiday!

“Together with Glorax Development, we are changing the construction industry for the better every day by applying progressive solutions and carrying out innovative projects. Our company employs hundreds of builders, architects, designers, and engineers. All of them do their best to contribute to the development of our common business and the creation of outstanding and remarkable projects of Russia’s northern capital, receiving world awards and setting a new level of quality. I wish all my colleagues and partners a happy professional holiday, further growth and creation of projects they can be proud of. Remember that together we are changing the face of cities and giving people a new quality of life!”

Kindest regards,
Andrei Birzhin