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The head of Glorax Group held a meeting with Elektroizolit management

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Elektroizolit factory and on the eve of Labor Day, Glorax Group founder Andrei Birzhin held a conference call with the company’s management.

In his address, he highlighted the important stages of the plant’s development, each is coincided with the country’s demand for domestic products. And now the factory has taken a course on import substitution to fully meet the needs of domestic customers – enterprises of civil and defense industries. As a supplier for the largest enterprises and state structures, including Rostec State Corporation, Russian Railways and others, the plant determines the main task to increase the volume and quality of products in order to increase the  market share more than 3 times within the 10-year strategy and become an important link in strengthening the country’s industrial potential.

At the same time, the factory continues to develop international relations. For many years the factory’s products have been presented at international European exhibitions, and since last year and at events in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2017, a number of Chinese enterprises expressed interest in cooperation with the factory to expand its own product line and interchange of technologies. The first steps of the partnership can be the implementation of joint investment projects.

The head of Glorax Group noted that work with international partners is impossible without attracting young promising specialists, for which he called for strengthening cooperation with the leading Russian universities. The accumulated long-term experience should be preserved and transferred to young employees.

At the end of the meeting, Andrey Birzhin congratulated the management and employees of the factory on the anniversary and thanked them for their job.