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Andrei Birzhin held a meeting with the management of the plant “Electroizolit”

A meeting of the head of Glorax Group, Andrei Birzhin, with the management of PJSC “Electroizolit” took place, where the main attention was paid to the issues of strengthening the presence in the markets of the near and far abroad and the development of an industrial park based on the plant.

In his address, Andrei Birzhin stressed that for several decades “Electroizolit” has been a leader in the electrical engineering industry, producing electrical insulating materials and insulation systems for the metallurgical, oil and gas, machine-building and chemical industries. The plant’s products are widely used in shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing and space industries, which proves the effectiveness of the import substitution program of PJSC “Electroizolit”.

“High quality products that meet the requirements of industrial safety and environmental protection, as well as the constant introduction of modern technologies, allows us to strengthen the presence of “Electroizolit” in the markets of the near and far abroad,” – said Andrei Birzhin.

For several years, the plant’s products are regularly presented at European exhibitions and events in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Currently, negotiations are underway on cooperation and implementation of joint investment projects with a number of enterprises from China and Western Europe, which will allow PJSC “Electroizolit” to increase market share and expand its own product line.

The meeting also discussed the prospects for the development of an industrial park created on the basis of the plant. “Electroizolit” offers participants production facilities, warehouses, office premises and infrastructure facilities, as well as connection to all necessary engineering networks. The first enterprises included in the industrial park confirm the efficiency of the built model. According to the forecasts of the participants of the meeting, in the medium term, it will be possible to talk about the industrial park as a significant industrial cluster in the Moscow region with great technical potential.

The meeting developed a number of measures to increase the volume and quality of products, strengthen partnerships with international companies and implement new investment projects.