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Andrei Birzhin held the annual meeting of the leaders of the Glorax Group

An annual meeting of the Glorax Group was held in Moscow, which was attended by top managers and heads of business units of the companies in the Group.

At the event, the founder of the Glorax Group, Andrei Birzhin, was the first to take the floor. He summed up the main results of last year and outlined the Group’s strategic goals for the medium term. In his statement, Andrei Birzhin stressed the importance of finding new market niches and opportunities for the implementation of successful European experience in the Russian market.

“I am convinced that the year 2019 should be a key year for some areas of business – we face extremely ambitious tasks. We have carried out a large-scale work in order to become one of the most investment-efficient groups in the country, but now we mark new horizons for development,” – said Andrei Birzhin in a report.

Also during the event, it was emphasized that there are all the necessary resources to strengthen the Group’s position in the real estate, industrial and high technology sectors, as well as to launch and actively develop promising areas.

In their reports, the heads of business units noted the achievements of previous year, and also identified a range of tasks for 2019 that promises to be extremely effective.

Last year, Glorax Development maintained its growth rates – the portfolio of projects in the active construction phase increased to 600 thousand square meters, and the Company became the first in the ranking of the fastest growing companies in the region and won the title of “Developer of the year”. In the coming year, the company will expand the geography of its presence – the construction of the first project in the capital will be launched.

On the meeting the achievements of the past year and PJSC “Electroizolit”, included in the Glorax Group, were presented. An industrial park was created on the basis of the plant, which opens up wide opportunities in the Moscow region for the organization of an industrial cluster with great technical potential. Among the most important tasks for the next year is the further work on the import substitution program, which allows for a long-term partnership with the largest domestic customers, as well as strengthening the presence in the markets of near and far abroad.

In addition, the Group is interested in the development of investment projects, and in the near future it is planned to scale a successful business model of fitness centers. At the moment, the Glorax Group has the largest fitness center in the Moscow region “Olimp”, on the basis of which more than 30 thousand residents of the Moscow region are involved in sports, as well as numerous children’s sports teams.

In 2019, it is planned to launch several new products for the Glorax Group, including high-tech solutions within the IT division and software products for the automation of business processes, which will be implemented, including at the Group’s enterprises. In addition, as part of the direction of Glorax Life, focused on sports and a healthy lifestyle, a medical business unit is launched. The first in the network of children’s dental clinics of the new generation of CrocoDent will be opened in Moscow, then within three years branches will appear in the largest cities of Russia. Fundamentally new for the Russian market, an integrated approach in pediatric dentistry, allows you to build ambitious plans to gain a leading position in this market in a short time.

Thus, at the annual meeting of Glorax Group a strategic map of the Group was formed and new horizons of development were outlined.