Пожалуйста, переверните устройство в портретную ориентацию.

Andrey Birzhin congratulated athlete of Glorax Life with new medals

Last weekend, the XI Open Championship of bodybuilding, body fitness, fitness bikini and beach bodybuilding took place in the city of Dubna. The championship was attended by over 100 participants from all over the Moscow region.

A member of the Glorax Life team (a part of Andrei Birzhin’s Glorax Group) Pavel Lavin replenished the team’s piggy bank with three medals at once – two gold and one silver. The athlete won medals in the following categories:
· I place in the category “Men 95+ kg”
· I place in the category “Veterans BB Absolute”
· II place in the category “Men Absolute”

Andrei Birzhin congratulated the athlete and emphasized that team members successfully perform in various sports (swimming, bodybuilding, running), constantly winning new medals, which indicates hard work, fortitude and, of course, the right mindset to win.

The athlete Pavel Lavin has been a member of the Glorax Life team for two years, regularly performs at the championships of Moscow and the Moscow region. After the championship, he stressed: “The championship brought together some of the best bodybuilders of the Moscow region, so I had to compete with worthy opponents. And the more valuable the award is, because it is the result of daily hard work on myself and my body.”