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Andrey Birzhin Contgratulated the Moscow Region Football Players on their Victory

The Glorax Group founder Andrey Birzhin, the Group’s Director General Alexander Andrianov and the Captain of the FC Olympus (Hotkovo) Alexanter Telegin have had a meeting in Moscow. They have discussed the issues related to the town’s sports infrastructure development and to the support of the Region’s athletes.

The Group’s top management has congratulated the FC Olympus on the victory at the Sergiev Posad District Championship among men teams. The team has been presented with the Certificate of Appreciation from the Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the Moscow Region Roman Teryushkov, with commemorative prizes – footballs signed by Roman Shirokov, the Zenit ex-player who at present works at the Moscow Region as well as with the prizes from the Glorax Group for the captain and the team’s best players.

It is now 10 years that the Football Club Olympus has been successful at various competitions, every year they reconfirm their status of a close‑knit and goal-oriented team. The children’s team also wins prizes at the District and Regional tournaments. The football players train at the Olympus Fitness Centre, one of the best equipped sports complexes in the Moscow Region. Recently we have opened a new astroturf  field on which they can train all year round. We hope that it would help the athletes in achieving even higher results’, said the Glorax Director General Alexander Andrianov.

Discussion at the meeting has also touched upon a few issues related to supporting children’s and youth football. In particular the Glorax Group is going to establish individual scholarships for young athletes.

I think that both the adults’ and children’s FC Olympus teams’ fares are the results of the sport infrastructure’s development in the Region. It is remarkable that interest to sports is growing and that there are so many victories. We are going to continue supporting young talents’, said the Glorax Group founder Andrey Birzhin.