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Andrey Birzhin opened the first clinic of the federal network CrocoDent

The opening of the first clinic of the federal network of dental clinics CrocoDent was held in a wide circle of friends, colleagues and partners. At the first stage, the company plans to open 4 more clinics by the end of the year, and in 2020 to increase their number to 15-20 with a presence in several regions of Russia. The first CrocoDent clinic is located at Shmitovsky passage, 3, bld. 2.

The head of Glorax Group, Andrei Birzhin, emphasizes: “We are actively developing seven different business areas, but we didn’t have medical projects – this is a new and invaluable experience. We formed our own philosophy, gathered a strong team of professionals and purchased the latest equipment. I am sure that CrocoDent will become the ancestor of the new format of full-cycle dental clinics, and we have all the opportunities and means to scale our unique idea to the whole of Russia in a short time.”

The concept of CrocoDent involves the creation of clinics with a full cycle of dental services for children and adults, its own operating room, accompanying doctors and the possibility of treatment in a dream. In addition, educational centers will be implemented on the basis of the clinics, where leading pediatric dentists will be able to conduct open lessons and will help to radically change the child’s attitude to dental care. The main idea of CrocoDent is an innovative integrated approach to solving dental problems and preventive tasks in a comfortable and emotionally relaxed atmosphere, which is especially important for children.

“I am a practicing doctor, and throughout my work I noted what is missing from the Russian dental centers, not only to provide high quality services, but also to create the most comfortable environment for children and their parents. We want to change people’s perception of dental clinics: dental treatment should be easy and pleasant. A sincere approach and advanced technologies are our main tools in achieving this goal. We have paid a lot of attention to the emotional component – children go to the clinic to treat their teeth, and at the same time they study, play and relax,” – stressed the founder of the network of CrocoDent clinics, Sophia Birzhina.

All employees of the companies included in the Glorax Group, receive corporate discounts for the treatment of the whole family in CrocoDent clinics. For more information about the loyalty program, you can contact the HR-director.