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Andrei Birzhin Announces Glorax Development Becoming a Top 3 Real Estate Developer

Founder and Chairman of Glorax Group, President of Glorax Development Andrei Birzhin reports that Glorax Development (part of Glorax Group) has developed 200,273 m2 of new residential property, hitting St. Petersburg’s Top 3. Overall, the company is now responsible for over 360,000 m2 of projects.

“Last year largely set the direction for the real estate development business in Russia. We’ve managed to reorganize our business processes, increase our competency and become a Top 3 real estate developer in St. Petersburg. It’s especially important for us because it’s not only about the quantity, but the quality as well. All our new projects become focal points in the city, dictating architectural trends and having major influence on the direction for the city’s development. We’re no longer bound by conventions of typical residential buildings, creating new trends and new ecosystems comfortable to work and live in. I think that’s why we enjoy the favor and trust of our clients,” said Andrei Birzhin.
Andrei also highlighted that the company plans to expand at the federal level and announce new projects in 2021. Currently, the company is considering new prospective development sites in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod and Sochi. The focus will be on forming multi-opportunity environments. “Our goal is to offer our customers the philosophy of a happy life,” said Andrei Birzhin.