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Andrei Birzhin: “We handed over a third residential building with defrauded real estate investors”

Glorax Development Company (a part of Andrei Birzhin’s Glorax Group) received permission from the state building supervision service to commission the residential complex “Main house”. The new building is located in the Kalininsky district of St. Petersburg on Grazhdansky Prospekt 107. This project was given special attention, since we are talking about defrauded real estate investors who have been waiting for their apartments for almost 20 years. In the nearest future, about 240 families will receive the keys.

The new building was built on the site of “long-term construction”, the development of which began in far 2000, the company “Chesma-Invest”. Glorax Development committed to the problematic facility in 2016, promising to provide apartments for all deceived equity holders. As a result, more than half of the apartments in the complex belong to the defrauded real estate investors. New project documentation was developed, the necessary contracts were renegotiated, and as a result, a four-section house was built from scratch. 23-storey building consists of 4 sections, the total number of apartments – 402, and the underground parking is designed for 152 parking spaces. The total area of ​​“Main House” is 34 thousand square meters.

Andrei Birzhin, a head of the Glorax Group, notes: “Glorax Development is a socially responsible company that has taken a number of obligations under other’s “long-term construction” projects. “Main House” is the third object with defrauded equity holders that we put into operation. Previously, “Sherlock House” was commissioned, and in may this year, the “Twin House” residential complex. In total, 285 defrauded shareholders received keys to their apartments in three projects. It is extremely important for us to maintain the reputation of a reliable developer who complete quality projects on time.”

The “Main House” residential building, like all Glorax Development projects, is distinguished by an original architectural solution, thoughtfulness and a comfortable living environment. The architectural solution was developed by the Asadov Bureau – towers of various heights with decorative elements, which characterize the Stalinist classics, became the architectural accent of the district.