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Andrey Birzhin: every 20th new apartment in St. Petersburg by Glorax Development

Glorax Development (Glorax Group by Andrey Birzhin) entered the TOP-5 developers of St. Petersburg in terms of new construction by the end of 2017. The developer demonstrated one of the best indicators among the companies of the region. The total investment portfolio for the past year has grown to 2.5 million square meters.

“The company demonstrates consistently high results and dynamic growth rates. Today every 20th new apartment in the city is made by Glorax Development and this is not the limit”, said Andrei Birzhin.

In 2017 the company Glorax Development brought to the market more than 200 000 square meters of residential and commercial buildings. These are such large-scale projects as the Golden City, First Quarter and Second Quarter of the Ligovsky City complex, the third turn of the English Mile.

4140 offered Glorax Development apartments account for 5% of the total market for new buildings in St. Petersburg.