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Andrei Birzhin announced the launch of the Federal network of children’s dental clinics

The head of Glorax Group, Andrei Birzhin, announced the launch of the Federal network of children’s dental clinics CrocoDent. Investments in the medical field of Glorax Group will amount to more than 500 million rubles. The first capital center will open in April 2019 at the address Shmitovsky proezd, 3.

The concept of CrocoDent involves the creation of business-class clinics with a full cycle of dental services for children, its own operating room and accompanying doctors. In addition, educational centers will be implemented on the basis of the clinics, where leading children’s dentists will be able to conduct open lessons for children and parents and will help to radically change the child’s attitude to dental care. The main idea of CrocoDent is an innovative integrated approach to solving children’s dental problems and preventive tasks.

A unique idea in the segment of pediatric dentistry will be scaled throughout Russia. At the first stage, by the end of 2019, it is planned to open clinics in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Kazan. Within three years, the number of clinics will reach 20. The network development strategy assumes progressive coverage of the regions.

“In the segment of pediatric dentistry, we have the necessary experience and appropriate expertise, since the Glorax Group employs professionals in this field, attracted a few years ago. At the moment, the market has a very limited supply of quality services and the complete lack of an integrated approach to children’s issues.
We have been working on a future product for a long time in order to offer a completely new approach to treatment. Often it turns out that the problem lies not only in the teeth and requires the involvement of other specialists, which is why we will work in the state of pediatrician, ENT, osteopath and other doctors. Moreover, operating rooms are planned in our clinics, so we will be able to comprehensively solve the entire range of dental problems. We want to become the founders of a new format of children’s dental clinics of a full cycle”, – commented Andrei Birzhin, the founder of the Glorax Group.

Material on the opening of a network of children’s clinics is published in the newspaper “Vedomosti” from 24.12.2018
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