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Andrei Birzhin announced the Glorax Life summer award

At the beginning of the summer season, the head of the Glorax group of companies, Andrei Birzhin, established the Glorax Life intra-corporate award. Members of the Glorax Life team annually participate in various events, and especially increased sports activity during hot summer months.

“Popularizing a healthy lifestyle among the company’s employees, maintaining sports spirit and striving for continuous self-improvement is the basis for team building, which positively affects both professional growth and positive attitude in the team. All kinds of sports awards stimulate competitive spirit in the team and increase the involvement of employees in the corporate culture, so we try to conduct them on a regular basis,” – said Andrei Birzhin.

Among the events planned for the summer season, the participants of Glorax Life have already named performances at cross-country, swimming and triathlon starts, participation in the ascent to the mountain peaks, paragliding trips and hiking tours. The team includes athletes of various directions: runners, swimmers, climbers, bodybuilders, boxers and wrestlers. The flag of the Glorax Group flies at the highest peaks of the world: Mont Blanc, Elbrus, Kazbek.

Team members show brilliant results not only in amateur programs, but also in professional sports, including on the world stage. Swimming and weightlifting competitions are regularly held under the flag of Glorax on the basis of the largest fitness center near Moscow “Olimp”. The players of the club “Olimp” lead in the competition, and they are not inferior to the athletes of the children’s football team.

Glorax Life athletes are not afraid of difficult tasks, they easily make right decisions in difficult situations, are constantly looking for ways to achieve their goals. Glorax Life team was established in 2016 on the initiative of Andrei Birzhin to promote an active lifestyle among employees and support active and motivated people. Now the Glorax Life team already has dozens of professional and novice athletes and many awards for outstanding results.